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To be pioneer and prefered in the world market, by preserving our quality, by taking heart from our 60 years of experience, which we gained by being under the roof of Pakipek Textile, by following the upcoming trends and technology, and by expanding our product list regarding to the demands of our worldwide customers.

Keeping the satisfaction of our customers and our employees at highest level, by supporting the economy of our country with the work fields we created.

To preserve our respectful company profile, which we created by fullfiling our promises, by being respectful against the nature, by being open to learn, and to proceed all the time.

To support the sector with the researches we do, by becoming a fast, trustworthy company which can serve to every customer profile, both in national and international market.

To become not the company who follows the quality standarts but the one who states them, by taking heart from our state-of-art technological infrastructure and, our revolutionary perspective, while we growing together with the companies we trade.

To preserve our institutional and transparent structure, and to keep creating innovations, with the support of our well-educated work force who believes in team work and co-operation.

To create the sustainable growth with the investments that we do for human and technology, by preserving our contemporary paradigm, and our ethic values.

  • 10 Million Mt+

    Annual Yarn Production

  • To 20 Different Country

    Annual Yarn Export

  • 1 Milllion Mt++

    Annual Yarn Sale


The Pakipek journey began in 1956 with the foundation of our company. Pakipek started its production in 1985, in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, with the name of the Pakipek Textile. In 2015, Pakipek founded Pakfiks brand under its roof and started to produce high tenacity industrial sewing yarns for both national and international market.

In 2016, the second factory, belong to Pakipek Group was founded, and Pakipek Group increased its production capacity. Since the end of the 2018, we have the 30% of the national market share, and become a company, that is doing business with lots of international companies. Pakipek Group started to produce woven fabrics in the beginning of 2019.

The yarns, that we produce for quilting machines, are not only used in matress and furniture sector but they are also used in various sectors, which requires high precision and sturdiness, such as trousseau, home textile, outer wear, confection, denim products, leather products, shoes, tent, brenda, and automotive. In addition, woven fabrics that we produced are used in mattress production. Pakfiks is continuing its production by presevering its institutional structure, in nowadays.


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